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Fishing advocates appeal BOEM Vineyard Wind approval

Saying the Northeast fishing industry has been “systematically marginalized in the permitting process,” the Responsible Offshore Development Alliance sued the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Monday over its July 15 approval of the Vineyard Wind offshore wind energy project.

The group, a coalition of fishermen and coastal communities, filed a petition for review in the First Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals challenging the permit for the 800-megawatt project off southern Massachusetts.

Japanese Firm Unveils Ship Dedicated to Storing and Transmitting Offshore Wind Power

A Japanese firm has set out to shake up energy storage and transmission with a freshly launched “power transfer vessel” concept that is designed to carry electricity from offshore wind farms to shore. The company’s first electric ship model, which will have an energy storage capacity of 200 MWh, is slated for completion in 2025.

Communities With Benefits

A community benefits bidding program allows public agencies to only accept construction bids from contractors paying living wages and full time benefits. Unions say they are a game changer.

Grays Harbor Wind

We’re on a mission to deliver offshore wind energy to the State of Washington and provide economic opportunities for current and future generations in the Grays Harbor community.

DNV to Study Safety and Risks of Offshore Green Hydrogen Production

The concept of green hydrogen production linked to offshore wind farms is going to take a major step forward as DNV launches an effort to identify and analyze the main environmental, safety, and operational risks associated with one of the world’s first offshore green hydrogen production projects.

Oregon Floating Offshore Wind Bill

Floating Offshore Wind Bill

Oregon's Offshore Wind Bill

Introduction To Offshore Wind Bill

Oregon Bill Aims for Three GW of Floating Offshore Wind by 2030

A Republican state senator has introduced a bill to set up a floating wind task force for the state of Oregon, aiming to promote commercial-scale floating wind farms off the southern coastline by 2030.

Plummeting costs spur Oregon floating wind activity

As U.S. researchers predict dramatic falls in floating wind costs in Oregon, key stakeholders are tackling critical transmission and public consultation challenges.

Floating offshore wind power bill passes Oregon House

Six years ago, the state passed up a federally backed demonstration project.

Massive offshore wind farms could be coming to Oregon

A federal agency is planning some big things for offshore wind energy on the Oregon Coast.

Wind Power off the Oregon Coast Could Provide More than Electricity

Offshore wind could power one million homes and offer other benefits through today’s grid

Oregon Activities BOEM

Renewable Energy

Wind Power In Oregon

Wind energy is captured when blowing wind moves turbine blades around a rotor, which turns a shaft that spins a generator and transforms mechanical energy into ​​electricity.

Offshore Wind Energy Looks More Promising for Oregon

Oregon’s high desert is getting crowded, so wind power advocates are once again looking to the sea.

Feds agree to open up Pacific Coast areas for wind turbine farms; 1 south of Oregon border at Humboldt

California and the U.S. government announced an agreement Tuesday to open up areas off the state’s central and northern coasts to the first commercial wind energy farms on the Pacific Coast.

U.S., California Look to Develop Wind Farms Off Pacific Coast

Federal and state officials are working to develop two wind farm sites off the coast of California, which they say could ultimately generate enough electricity to power about 1.6 million homes.