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OCEAN is a cross-cultural community-based organization with the mission to explore the opportunities and challenges of floating offshore wind and other advanced energy technologies for coastal Oregonians. We believe that our coastal interests should be front and center in shaping what Offshore Wind, and other coastal touching Advanced Energy projects, should look like in our region and advocate for coastal energy equity and security.  Our actions are spurred by our life experiences of living in communities that have been hit first and hardest by climate change and a common drive to react, adapt and contribute to solutions as quickly as responsibly possible. 

How we support coastal communities


OCEAN recognizes the benefits that commercial fishing provides to society and the proud heritage that results from that work. The positive impact offshore wind can have on climate change and thus the future of healthy fisheries can provide for common ground. There are many possible synergies between commercial fishing and offshore wind energy. In regions that have already seen decades of development, scientists have noted the benefits of wind farms to the ecosystem and fisheries stocks. In these same areas, fishers have demonstrated their deep knowledge and experience makes them valued advisers and service contractors to ocean energy development in challenging ocean conditions. Offshore wind energy can also help diversify and strengthen Oregon’s coastal economy bringing benefits to all.

Distribution Systems Plan

OCEAN seeks to engage communities and leaders to evaluate current systems and plan for future technologies.

Utility Services and Activities

OCEAN wants to help communities explore options in transportation electrification.

Impacted Communities

OCEAN thrives to engage directly with Affiliated Tribes of Northwest Indians for collaborative outreach to tribal nations.

Wildfire Prevention and Mitigation

OCEAN strives to help community members engage directly with county emergency response to coordinate effective prevention, response and recovery actions.

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